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Albany, CA 94710
(510) 528-7062
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Human Resources Staff

RE: Placement as Technical Writer/Instructor

Dear Staff,

I am a technical writer/instructor who in 1998 made a successful move from academia into the private sector. (Please see my resume, attached.) My primary objective is to find work that is challenging and interesting. I am a highly accomplished self-starter with a strong background in program development, research and writing, as well as in the field of computer language instruction. My recent work has taken me into documentation and training for software that uses a complex database (Oracle) in the archiving of information and images over Unix-machines on open-architecture systems for financial institutions. Technical writing/training and project supervision in general suit both my interests and goals.

In the course of earning my Ph.D. in history, I have had the opportunity to take ownership of a significant writing and research project, and to see it to fruition (the doctoral dissertation). I also have extensive experience teaching history and computer science in solo and collaborative environments. Furthermore, I have supervised staff, programmed in Pascal, HTML, and JavaScript languages, and have taught at various levels as well. I am a life-long learner who is constantly seeking to tackle new challenges. My management, analytical insight, writing, and research skills translate well to the field of technical training/writing and the need to take on, and manage a variety of projects. I look forward to hearing from you about a possible position with your firm.

Sincerely yours,


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