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Michael Katten's Wyoming 1999 Page

This will be a place to see pictures of our trip to Wyoming.

A nice shot of Hall C.
Resting on the walk to Hidden Falls
We had to tie up the horses while we ate.
Resting overlooking the Yellowstone basin
We made it to Hidden Falls
Waiting for our horses to be saddled
Walking amidst the wonders of Yellowstone
The beauty of the terrain near the CM Ranch
More of the CM beauty
Daniel getting ready to do some fishing
Hall C. looking tiny next to Hidden Falls
Taking a break above crystal caves
Isaac getting on snowman
Isaac getting further onto snowman
Isaac in Yellowstone
Isaac finally on snowman
Michael & Isaac #1
Michael & Isaac #2
Michael & Isaac #3
Michael & Isaac waiting for their horses
Mom & Hall at our all-day picnic
Michael in his cabin
Taking a break above the Yellowstone cauldera basin
All of us riding into the sunset
Riding further into the sunset
The full lineup
The full lineup #2
Isaac's good friend
A Yellowstone moment
Another Yellowstone moment
Enjoying a stream in Grand Teton National Park
Hi, Dana!
The Grand Tetons
Isaac enjoying the Tetons
Daniel and Isaac
Crowd at the Tetons
Mom & Rick
Standing next to another Yellowstone moment
Stephen in Jackson Hole
A proud pair
More Tetons

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