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The Publicizing of Michael Katten

This site is intended to give you a chance to learn a bit about me. At this point, I am working on the links to this page, so it should have an unfinished look. Soon it will contain different versions of my resume, samples of my work, and other nifty things related to my life and career search.

Take a look at my book from Columbia University Press: Colonial Lists / Indian Power
The login is "legendary" and the password is "harvest."

Here is a link to photos I posted from India. I was in India the first half of 2001.

Take a look at my technical publications resume.

My standard cover letter will also tell you a bit about me.

Contact me:

page to learn more about me and my family. Click Here

See some shots of my family's trip to Wyoming. Click Here

See some shots from the Mariners' season (Albany Little League). Click Here

Click to download a "pdf" doc:

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An early version of my recent article in SOUTH ASIA (Dec 1999) Click Here

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